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The Science of Your Skin

The biological function of your largest organ and all of its layers.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Knowing your skin type and the creating the best skincare regimen for you, will help you get the luminous complexion you want.

Can Food Cause Acne?

Yes! Turns out the burger/zit connection isn't a myth after all.

Body Hair Removal

Get ready for shorts season and more with our guide to smooth, fuzz-free skin, from shaving to laser therapy.

Hair Problems and Solutions

Try these tress tips and tricks to turn every day into a good hair day!

Dandruff Treatment, Causes and Remedies

Get rid of the flakes with tips from Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen

Hair Care Tips

Make the most of your hair, from how you shampoo to what you eat

Hair Damage

How do we abuse our hair? Let us count the ways we subject our hair to extreme heat, harsh cleansers, chemical treatments and more.

Hair Loss in Women

Whether it's in patches or all over, hair loss in women is more common than you think.

The Structure of Hair

From cuticle to follicle to shaft, a deeper look inside your hair.