For many of us, buying a house is a considerable achievement which sometimes seems impossible – especially when you’re under 30. For A list celebs and Hollywood superstars, though, this isn’t an issue. To rub it in a little bit more, here are five celebs with amazing homes we’re majorly envious of.

Kylie Jenner
We couldn’t kick start this without the incredible reality star and beauty queen Kylie Jenner and her impressive $12 million Calabasas mansion. At just 22 years old, Kylie has launched a multi-million, global cosmetic company and has topped all of her famous sisters when it comes to their incomes, making her the world’s youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire. This home boasts a master bedroom made of marble, an outdoor swimming pool, and a walk-in wardrobe/beauty room that girls can only dream of!

Miley Cyrus
Disney star-turned singing sensation Miley Cyrus may only be 27, but her beautiful country farmhouse in Tennessee proves she’s old at heart. The classic interior consists of a rustic, homely feel thanks to the use of neutral colors, natural materials and textures. Worth a whopping $5.8 million, this stunning home gives us serious envy.

Daniel Radcliffe
Okay, so he’s 30, but Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has an incredible high-rise home in a luxury Soho building in manhattan. This ultra-cool apartment has two bedrooms and an amazing floor to ceiling windows letting in heaps of natural light and offering beautiful views of the New York skyline.

Justin Bieber
When images of Justin Bieber’s home with wife Hailey Baldwin surfaced online, there was a lot of controversy about the building’s architectural design, with many claiming it was ‘ugly.’ However, this futuristic glass home otherwise known as ‘the salad spinner’ house certainly makes a statement.

Ed Sheeran
For a humble guy, Ed Sheeran’s home reflects his success. The huge property is surrounded by greenery and even has a Love Island style fire pit, as well as a colossal pig statue based on Ed himself – strange, but cool!