Florence Pugh is on the rise in the film industry and for a good reason; with each new role she takes on, Florence shows she has the acting chops to hang with the big names. Whether she’s taking on a historical movie or a horror movie, Florence keeps us watching.

As she makes her way farther into the world of celebrities, we’re getting to know more about her, and one thing we can say for sure — she deserves the hype. Here are five fun things about Florence Pugh you probably didn’t know.

Florence has three siblings, one of which you might already know. 

Out of her three siblings, Toby Sebastian might ring a bell; he’s her older brother and also an actor and musician. He goes by Toby Sebastian, but his full name is Sebastian Toby M. Pugh. He played Trystane Martell in Game of Thrones and Cash Fenton in Barely Lethal.

Florence is dating a well-known actor, Zach Braff. 

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard of the famous and long-running TV show, Scrubs. The main character in this show and also famous Garden State actor is Zach Braff, or as we like to call him, Florence’s boyfriend.

Florence isnt a huge fan of using social media, but when she does, were glad.

She keeps her social media usage somewhat limited because she’s said it can sometimes make her feel depressed, which is definitely relatable between the FOMO and the perfectly curated appearances. Yet, if you follow her on social media, you’ll be glad — she’s got a sense of humor and shares lots of down-to-earth moments.

Florence lives up to her name — she loves flowers. 

Not only does the Midsommar actress love flowers, but she also loves any kind of plant, from succulents to cacti. She’s even named her cactus — Barry.

Florence is wise for a 24-year old. 

When scoping out new movie projects to work on, Florence has said that she stills gets scared and intimidated. It’s pretty comforting to hear a talented and awarded actress admit to still getting nervous, but her way of dealing with those nerves is even more interesting. Florence has said she takes the fear that a project instills in her as a sign to take the project on. We’ll take Florence’s advice any day.