Bella Hadid is one celebrity who’s just like us. Well, maybe not really. But she admits to drinking Diet Coke, craving pizza and French fries and chicken nuggets, and splurging on breakfast out. The super gorgeous model works out only when she feels the need, such as when Fashion Week is coming up. She’s so low maintenance that her hair routine amounts to “practically nothing” except the occasional use of one of her Mom’s masks. How can you not love Bella?

The face of Dior Makeup told Elle magazine that she indulges in a good gin and tonic if she’s hanging out with no work the next day. While her usual breakfast is scrambled eggs or an omelet, all dieting bets are off when she goes out for a big breakfast. Then her plate is piled with two fried eggs, a pastry basket, and sausage or bacon washed down with a latte and orange juice.

Here’s a sampling of what Bella told Elle.

During Fashion Week she relies on a good breakfast and a big dinner “because going from show to show, all you get is little sandwiches.” Lavender is her favorite scent because it calms her down. “People can smell me coming,” Bella says, because although the scent is light, she sprays it all over. She mixes lavender and lemongrass essential oils in a spray bottle that she carries everywhere in her purse.

Touch-ups: “I love having a thick concealer to put under my eyes. The Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer is my favorite. It’s light, but full coverage.”

Supplements: “I take fish-oil pills, multivitamins, and probiotics. Anything that’s good for my skin and organs.”

Workout: “When I feel like I need it, I’ll work out. Coming up on Fashion Week, I’ll try to get more fit. I’ll go hard for a few days and then take a break. I like to box, and I’ll do ab work—a lot of core training and hand weights.”

Wash hair and go: “The Moroccanoil line keeps my hair supersoft and smells amazing. I love the Extra Volume shampoo and conditioner. I have really thin hair, so whatever helps.”

Complexion boost: “I’m mask obsessed. The Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask is so moisturizing. My skin gets really dry, especially during Fashion Week, so it’s good for me to give it as much love as I can.”

Lip must-have: “I keep the new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in my purse. I love color, but don’t really love lipstick. I’m also into old-school ’90s brown lip liner.”

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