Breaking up can be so hard to do. Yet, almost all of us have had at least one breakup in our lives – celebrities included. And just like us, celebrities handle their breakups differently. Check out how our favorite celebrities handled their breakups starting with…

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Kutcher, whose now married to Mila Kunis admitted that it was really tough for him after his divorce from Demi Moore. To deal with his heartbreak, he retreated to Big Sky in Montana where he didn’t eat for 7 days. He spent that time reflecting and writing letters to every woman he’d been with who he felt there was still some grudge about it.

Taylor Swift: Although no stranger to breakups, Swift’s breakup from Joe Jonas was particularly interesting. The singer went on Ellen DeGeneres show to share how her breakup from Jonas was the fastest breakup in history. She said he broke up from her on like a 27 second phone call.

Arianna Grande: She shared the most devastating breakup she’d ever had was over a text message. The singer said what made it worst was that it was right before she was about to go on stage to perform. Grande remained hushed about who the person was, but folks speculate that it was YouTube star, Jai Brook.

Jordan Sparks: The singer was obviously devastated after her breakup from ex Jason Derulo. They’d been together for 3 years when he decided to just disappear on her after a spat.

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