Whether you’re a New York City native or visitor, the city has so much to offer that every person will have a unique must-visit guide. This month, we turn to country singer Carolyn Miller to fill us in on the best spots to visit.

If Carolyn’s single “Summer Time” says anything with its lyrics “No curfew not tonight, whoa/ We were on summer time,” it’s that the city that never sleeps deserves a thorough exploration no matter what the season!

NYC: Carolyn’s Way

Name: Carolyn Miller
Profession: Country Singer + Actress
Grew Up In: Massapequa, NY
Favorite Part About NYC: The hustle and bustle; people from all over the world chasing their dreams; the late night nightlife – truly the city that never sleeps!
Favorite Music Venue in NYC: The Cutting Room! It’s an incredibly unique and versatile venue. State of the art sound and light systems in an intimate space.
Favorite Coffee Shop: I’m always on the go in NYC, so it’s usually just a super quick stop at Dunkin’ or Starbucks
Place to Get Inspired: Sitting on the benches along the East River looking out into the water (30th-34th & FDR Drive); it’s a quiet spot to brainstorm, create, and hear your thoughts!
Place for Photos: Rooftop bar on top of the Pod 39 – so scenic and beautiful in the summertime!
Favorite Store: Dor L’ Dor – great little boutique in Murray Hill filled with super cute things for a low price!
Best Mexican Food: Sinigual! Also in Murray Hill! Their lobster enchiladas are my favorite 🙂
Song to listen to while strolling the streets: “Drunk Me” by Mitchell Tenpenny. Such a jam.
Best neighborhood for people-watching: Times Square!!!! Hands down. You will see it all there.
Where I get my beauty essentials: Sephora
Speaking of, the beauty product I can’t live without: Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation

Listen to Carolyn’s Summer Time Single: