This past (and upcoming) year are the years of remakes. We have Lizzie McGuire, Gossip Girl, Clueless… and possibly, Wizards of Waverly Place?

There’s nothing set in stone for the possible reboot of the TV show we all know and love- BUT, Selena Gomez did reveal in a recent interview with Kiss FM UK that she is not opposed to the possibility.

In the interview, Selena answered a variety of questions on the Answering the Internet video. Thanks to the video, we now know that Selena eats Oreos with a fork (?!) and that she loves Frozen 2.

One curious fan wrote to Selena via Twitter: “Binge watching Wizards of Waverly Place @selenagomez when are we getting a reboot?”

To which Selena replied that since Disney+ came out, she’s been asked about wizards more than when she was actually on the show. Hey, I mean, Wizards of Waverly place was absolutely iconic- what can you expect?

And it looks like Selena feels the same way. “It makes me very happy. It was one of the greatest times of my life,” she said in the interview. “I will never forget it. I still talk to some of the people from the show.”

So if you have your hopes set on a Wizards of Waverly place reboot, get excited, because according to Selena: “I actually would love to. I don’t know when that will happen or if that will happen but I am 1,000 percent down.”

I mean, with all that’s happened with fashion in the past year, I think Harper Finkle and all her crazy hats would absolutely THRIVE. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see the Crazy Hat Song preformed once again.