Halloween is a double-edged sword. Unless you’re one of those freak Adults Who Love Halloween, no one wants to spend a lot of time or money on a costume. But you also don’t want to be boring or, worse, spend the entire night explaining who you’re dressed as to your drunken friends.

Enter this year’s easiest “creative” costume: Miley Cyrus At the VMAs. The beauty of this outfit is that a simple look gets the job done. But keep in mind: the more crap from the back of the closet you pile on, the more you’ll look like Miley.

Hair: All you really need to do is a high ponytail. For extra effort, clip in some colored hair extensions like these cheapies by fellow pop star Demi Lovato. Add a scrunchie or some feathers to make the look pop.

Beauty: Again, easy. Spring for some flash tattoos and add some smiley face stickers to your brow bone. Go for a bold lipstick in a statement shade like Make Up For Ever’s Pearly Violet. Add glitter as far as the eye can see.

Style: This is where American Apparel comes in. Which leotard makes you channel your inner Miley? If you’re worried about warmth, add knee high socks and a Chanel from Scream Queens-esque faux fur coat. Mismatch your earrings (try one dangling chain and one stud.)

Extra Credit: Get a girlfriend to be Taylor Swift or a frenemy to be Nicki Minaj.

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