Ever imagined what it’d be like if you could hit the infamous “Dancing With The Stars” dance floor? Well, unless you’re a celeb (of some sort) that dream may never happen, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t totally kick butt.

There are many who’ve graced that dance floor and totally sucked. Check out this list of celebs who you could’ve totally beat on “Dancing With The Stars” starting with reality-TV queen Kim Kardashian West.


Kim Kardashian West – Season 7

Kim showed the world back in 2008 just how rhythm-challenged she was. It didn’t take long before she was kicked off that season.

Comedian Jeffrey Ross — Season 7

He may be a really funny comedian, but his dance moves were no laughing matter. He sucked so badly, America sent him home immediately.

Actress Denise Richards — Season 9

Many people forgot that actress, Denise Richards ever competed on “Dancing With The Stars”. Reason being? Maybe because she was the second person booted off that season.

Reality Star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – Season 17

Snooki joined “Dancing With The Stars” in a much later season. She snagged good scores with the judges, but America wasn’t impressed. She suffered the chopping block at number eight that season.

Actress Pamela Anderson – Season 10 

Pamela Anderson had a chance to grace the stage twice. Once for season 10 and again for season 15 (all-star edition). Pamela didn’t do too bad during her first stint. She came in at number six. But…it was different story the second go-round. The blonde bombshell was the first celeb sent home that season. Ouch!

Actress Shannen Doherty – Season 10

Shannen Doherty also joined season 10’s cast and audiences didn’t like her at all. She was the first one eliminated that season.

Rapper Lil’ Kim – Season 8

The ballroom dance floor may have been the last place you’d expect to see Lil’ Kim. Yet, she put on her pretty little dancing shoes and hit the floor for season 8. Even though she received high scores from the judges, viewers weren’t feeling her. She was eventually eliminated during week eight.

Mogul Master P – Season 2

Not many can say they bombed “Dancing With The Stars” as horribly as Master P did. He just couldn’t get those two left feet to cooperate. After four long grueling weeks, he was finally sent home.


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