Don’t stop now that you’ve become one of those who have uploaded more than 20 million selfies with the new Google Arts and Culture Face Match feature to find your twin among the world’s great paintings. Go see which of your favorite celebrities have been matched up. Instagram, Celebs are just like you and me: they’ve taken to Twitter and YouTube users to share photos of themselves and their cultured doppelgangers. Who can blame them? The app is addictive when you’re just searching for yourself.

Take the fun one step further, and you’ll find Alyssa Milano’s succinct and hilarious reaction at being paired up as a likeness of Jan Van Assen. A portrait of the man resides in the Rijksmuseum. Equally miscast is Kate Hudson, who is twinned with Portrait of a Boy hanging in The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Other times the Google app comes eerily close to a true match. See Jim Parsons with Russian dude Mikhail Ivanovich, whose portrait hangs in the Malmo Konstmuseum. Kumail Nanjiani as a ringer for Portrait of Mohammed Al Mazrouie in Barjeel Art Foundation collection. Meryl Streep found in Portrait of Baby de Almeida. Spooky.

Here’s how you do it for yourself. Download the Google Arts & Culture app from either Google Play or the iPhone store. Scroll until you see the “Is your portrait in a museum?” feature. You’ll be prompted to snap a selfie. After receiving your snapshot, the app goes to work searching through its database of thousands of artworks. Within seconds, the app will match your face with paintings that resemble you. You’ll see the two faces side by side.

Once you’ve checked it out a couple of times—full frontal photo and left and right profiles— you can move on to making funny faces.

Don’t forget the app was originally created so users could admire famous artworks at their fingertips. It was the addition of the match feature in mid-December that exploded the app across the Internet.

See your favorite celebs from William Shatner and Taylor Swift with their art twins at googleartscelebs, the Official Google Arts & Culture App selfies. Check out more celebrity  doppelgangers at Celebs Are Sharing Their Google Arts & Culture Face Matches.