Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle was the guilty pleasure reality show we all needed. The premise of the show is that basically a bunch of attractive people get invited to live together in a mansion on a beautiful island- except, there’s a twist: you can’t have sex.

Sexual acts of any kind are prohibited, and doing so will cause the entire group to lose money from the total $100,000 prize. And as dramatic as it was- the show had everyone addicted. While most of the contestants left the show feeling like they had grown as people, only two real couples emerged. So if you’re curious what has happened in the year since filming the show, here’s what the reunion told us:

Harry and Francesca are still together

I can’t be the only one who didn’t think they would actually last. The one couple that cost the group the most amount of money is ACTUALLY still together. And it doesn’t just stop there… they might be engaged?! The reunion showed Harry proposing to Francesca via FaceTime with a ring pop, so not sure exactly what that means. Regardless, we know the couple is still together and going strong. And not going to lie, they are pretty cute.

Sharron and Rhonda called it quits

The other stable couple in the show, Sharron and Rhonda, are unfortunately no longer together. Although the relationship didn’t work out, they both revealed that they are still close friends. “Me and Sharron are amazing, ya know. We’re friends.” Rhonda said in the reunion episode, and Sharron said he still holds Rhonda close to his heart.

Haley wasn’t actually on the show for love

Haley got the boot early on in the season for not taking the show seriously, and in the reunion, she revealed she just doesn’t have a serious outlook on life. She said how she is just “not that serious of a person; life’s not that serious. The whole, like, growing and learning about yourself, that’s just not me.” However, she hinted at the fact that she might very well still have lingering feelings for Francesca. Interesting.

Who the Too Hot to Handle host is 

The host of the iconic show is Desiree Burch, AKA one of the best reality TV show hosts ever. Not only did Desiree have hilarious comments to make at basically everything that happened, but she also kept the show entertaining and just knew exactly the right things to say.