Love is Blind is Netflix’s newest addition that has the entire world obsessed. It s like other dating shows, except with a twist: you get engaged without actually ever seeing them face to face. The show is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and follows quite an exciting plotline. It starts with the various contestants meeting one another behind a wall and beginning their relationship through just conversations and no physical contact. Then, once they get engaged, they can meet in real life.

But the show doesn’t stop there- we then follow them along from engagement to the wedding while their relationships are put to the test and beg for the answer if love truly is blind.

In just six weeks, the couples are at the altar, and while there are happy endings for some. Others prove that love might not be blind after all. So, where are the Love is Blind couples now?

Carlton and Diamond

The first of the group to end (before they really started) was Carlton and Diamond. After their initial meeting, Carlton revealed that he dated both men and women in the past, which put Diamond at unease. The new couple fought, and shortly after, both left the show.

Barnett and Amber

Although Barnett and Amber had their difficulties throughout the show, they were undeniably cute. The pair said their “I dos” at the altar and celebrated at their wedding, but according to social media, there’s no update as to their current relationship status.

Damien and Giannina

Damien and Giannina were a rollercoaster from the beginning and had their fair share of fights, so did it come as a surprise when the pair didn’t end up together? Giannina said her “I dos,” but Damien couldn’t after realizing she was too emotionally turbulent.

Mark and Jessica

Another pair that didn’t end up together that didn’t come as a surprise. Their ten-year age gap must have been too much for Jessica to handle as she declined Mark at the altar, leaving him (and his mom) heartbroken.

Kenny and Kelly

While the pair still follows each other on Instagram, their relationship didn’t succeed in real life. Kelly declined Kenny at the alter after admitting she couldn’t decide on the relationship, and Kenny was clearly upset.

Lauren and Cameron

The pair everybody was rooting for!!! Lauren and Cameron were one of the most stable couples on the show and happily said their “I dos” at the altar, leaving everyone with happy tears. And it looks like the happy couple is still together based on their recent Instagram photos.