Can you believe some YouTube stars actually make more than regular television stars? It used to be, if you wanted the fame, money and recognition from being on screen, you had to become either a TV star or movie star. But, not anymore.  With the shift in how viewers consume entertainment, you can strike it big from platforms like YouTube – no agent required. Here are 6 YouTube stars to prove it.

Not only are they adored by fans, they also make really good money. In some cases, they earn more than their small screen counter parts.

Smosh – The comedy duo have an entire network of YouTube channels and earn about $4.5 million per year.

Jenna Marbles – With an estimated $350K per year, she makes just as much as many TV star’s make on a seasonal salary.

Hola Soy German – This comedian earns around $3 million a year and has over 20 million subscriber to his YouTube channel.

Pew Die Pie – Known for testing out video games and giving hilarious reactions, he is one of the highest paid YouTube celebs. He earns about $8.47 million annually.

Prank vs Prank – This girlfriend and boyfriend duo are the ultimate pranksters. They make around $2.25 million a year.

Disney Collector BR – Even though she stays nameless, fans know her by her hypnotic voice. She earns an estimated $13 million per year.

Crazy Russian Hacker –  He makes crazy videos on YouTube and has a lot of fun doing it. Audiences are enjoying it too. He makes up to $1.8 million annually.


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