As my alarm goes off, I try to muster up the energy to crawl over to the gym. So I pick up my phone and begin to scroll through the updated IG stories of fitness influencers and trainers that I follow.

Seeing their updates full of workouts and envy-worthy results is enough to get me to walk over to the kitchen and fill up my blender bottle. One thing we have to be careful of is following too much advice from fitness influencers rather than trainers.

Here are some of my favorite trainers to follow (in no particular order!):

Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells is pretty well (pun intended) for not only having a fantastic body but for achieving it post-pregnancy. Her IG is full of not only workout tips but also transformations that will get you into the gym if you’re thinking of skipping a day.

Carmen Morgan

Carmen’s posts often feature her dog interrupting her workouts, which was enough to gain a follow from me. But on top of that, her body is impressive, and she posts workouts very frequently!

Dr. Jen Esquer

The impressively flexible Dr.Jen is a PT sharing amazing posts on how to strengthen parts of your body and gain mobility. I love this account because she is always posting how to resolve pain in particular parts of your body. A week ago I had groin strain from going way too hard with my leg days… that wasn’t something I wanted to announce to the world and then BAM! She posts a 4 part routine for groin strain and mobility.

Idalis Velazquez

Idalis had me following the moment I saw the words sustainable fitness. She’s a mom of three, and her body is killer. She posts routines all the time, as well!

Katie Crewe

Katie’s IG is PACKED with a variety of routines. I appreciate that instead of just listing how many reps, she records each part of the workout so you can check your form.

Joe Holder

I learned who Joe Holder while watching a Harper’s Baazar video where he was training Victoria Secret model Alexina Graham. I instantly loved his training (and fashion) style and how he explained the purpose of each workout. My favorite part of GQ’s new fitness columnist’s IG is when he shares exercises that aren’t the regular things you’d do at the gym. You can tell these creative techniques were made with a purpose.

Anna Victoria

Creator of the Fit Body App, Anna Victoria is a champion of loving your body and providing comprehensive workout routines.

Melissa Alcantara

Most of us know Melissa as her being Kim Kardashian’s trainer. What I love is her honesty when she feels the same way we all do – tired, or we haven’t trained. It humanizes the IG fitness world that sometimes is a bit too perfect.

Bret Contreras

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I posted about this a couple months ago and it’s exploded on IG – I’ve been tagged so many times from people doing it. I discovered a better coaching cue: the torso follows the leg. Give it a try! #Repost @bootybybretofficial ・・・ Cable Cuff Hip External Rotation We’re nearing the end of Month 12 and I’d like to know how this exercise went for everyone! Once you master the movement, it absolutely roasts your glutes. You can perform this two ways. For more external rotation, you’ll want the cable column up around thigh level, and the torso will follow the leg as you rotate outward. You’re using the glute on the grounded leg to rotate your body. For more abduction, you can adjust the cable column lower and focus on abducting the leg outward, where you’re not rotating as much. #gluteguy #bootybybret #glutelab

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Ah – The famous ‘glute guy.’ I first learned who Bret was when a bunch of different fitness influencers started posting YouTube videos training with him. Here’s where you go when you want to learn how to do a hip thrust or squat properly!

Morit Summers

What I love about Morit’s IG is that she not only posts workouts from the gym but also in the park. Something about a post from a local park makes me feel like working out isn’t only for people who have access to the gym, and it encourages me to add some lunges to my daily walks.