While we were all content to eat turkey and nap all weekend, a lucky few landed themselves on a private jet bound for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Well, not with, exactly, because the models sat in first class and were protected by bodyguards in pink ties (natch), but they were on the same flight.Since we weren’t invited on the Victoria’s Secret jet (and why not!), we have a few questions about what went on board”1. Is there any plane hair on the Victoria’s Secret jet?2. What’s the first beauty product an Angel reaches for after a transatlantic flight?3. Aren’t the pink boarding passes a little much?4. Is wearing those wings an ab workout or more of a triceps thing?5. Would you consider yourselves caterpillars or butterflies?6. Do you get to keep the wings?7. Are those Body by Victoria bras truly a “A Body for Every Body”?8. Are you guys allowed to wear red lipstick with Taylor Swift performing?9. Karlie, will you and Taylor be matching wings for the show?10. Please just tell me you have a hair and makeup team for selfies.11. I somehow got off the “Free Panty” coupon mailing list. Can someone re-add me?12. Who is the princess?13. The athlete?14. The brain?15. The criminal?16. The basket case?17. Is today the best day of Ed Sheeran’s life?18. Are thongs back in?The pop star-studded annual lingerie fashion show will be filmed tonight in London and airs on December 9 after a weeklong flurry of editing. Set your TiVos!Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014-2015: Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio Exclusive Interview | FashionTV by FashionTV