1. Running for just five minutes will help you live longer.

2. You can’t technically be allergic to exercise, but it can trigger a dangerous allergic reaction in some people.

3. Morning workouts can help you sleep better at night.

4. You can’t lose fat in one specific area (sorry!) but you can target and tone specific muscles.

5. The pooping-mid-marathon lore has some truth to it — in fact, in one survey, 74 percent of female marathoners reported getting the urge for number two while racing.

6. Exercise-induced orgasms happen — curiously, the majority of the time from ab workouts.

7. A runner’s high is real: a study done at The Cooper Institute in Golden, Colorado, discovered working out vigorously three to five days per week could effectively treat mild to moderate depression in adults.8. Women have a higher risk of tearing their ACLs than men.

9. The lingering effects of alcohol — even just a drink or two every night — can hinder your athletic performance.

10. Working out again is just as effective as massage for relieving sore muscles.

11. A July 2013 study showed that it’s not just music tempo that influences your workout; the patterns and complexity of the notes matters, too.12. You don’t need to carbo-load the night before a 5k or 10k race.

13. If your leg cramps up mid-run, it means you’re probably dehydrated.

14. Doing static stretches before working out can decrease your muscle power, strength and stamina.

15. Triangle push-ups are the single best arm workout you can do.

16. According to an April 2014 research report, the traditional crunch is the most effective ab exercise.

17. Exercise releases endorphins, which seriously boost your mood and help relieve headaches, menstrual cramps and back pain.

18. Walking is just as good as running when it comes to staying healthy and prevening disease.

19. Research proves the old saying is true: men sweat, women glow.

20. Focusing on how exercise can give you a better quality of life is better motivation to hit the gym than the prospect of weight loss.

21. Urea, usually found in urine, is also part of the fine cocktail that is sweat.

22. The concentration curl is king if you want to target your biceps.