Remember when you first started on your yoga journey? It was probably therapeutic, rejuvenating, and something you looked forward to destress at the end of a long day. However, like most physical activities, you might not be looking forward to it as often as you used to.

It’s not unusual to hit a yoga rut after doing it for a few years. Unfortunately, a few days break probably won’t get you out of it. You might start getting uninterested and apathetic toward the practice. We’re going over five different signs you’re in a yoga rut and how to overcome it.

You feel stuck: It may seem like your technique, style, and commitment to the practice are not paying off. You may feel your results are stagnant.

Solution: You may want to try new approaches or techniques. The practice of yoga is made up of hundreds of styles and positions to explore. Try pushing boundaries and taking on a new style of yoga for a bit.

You feel uninterested: Over your experience with yoga, you’re bound to feel apathetic towards it. It may start feeling too routine, and your enthusiasm for the practice may suffer.

Solution: Try conquering a new yoga pose or practice. Push yourself to perfect complex poses like the crow or a headstand. Yoga has so many different poses to practice that if one routine starts feeling bland, you can start practicing something more challenging.

You cannot get out of bed: A lot of people practice yoga in the morning because that’s the only time the schedule allows. However, if you’re groggy throughout your yoga practice and can’t seem to focus on your breath or pose, it may be time for a shift.

Solution: Remember why you started yoga in the first place and capitalize on that. Consume in smaller doses if you have to and do it at the end of your day to unwind instead of first thing in the morning if you have trouble waking up.

You feel youre not doing it right: You might be having a hard time getting the positions right. This may make you feel like quitting.

Solution: Invest in yourself and get a private yoga instruction or enroll in a small group class so a teacher can guide you. Ask for attention in certain poses if you need it.

You feel threatened: Depending on where you practice yoga, if you feel threatened by yoga peers, this could hurt your mindset of the practice.

Solution: If you find yourself comparing to other yogis, you can try practicing at home while you gain confidence. Or, simply choose another studio that caters to beginners!

Just like ‘writer’s block,’ a yoga rut shouldn’t cause you to quit the practice. Remember, there’s always a solution.