If you feel your fitness is lacking or your diet just isn’t as healthy as possible, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to improving your fitness and kickstarting your health. Despite what you may be thinking, you don’t have to overdo anything or completely transform your life. You can start by making small yet significant changes that will positively impact your health and well-being. Here are 5 simple steps to take.

Increase Your Daily Step Count
Whatever your typical daily routine, incorporating walking into it should be relatively easy. If you have an office job, try taking stairs, and go for a walk on your lunch break, if you have an active job role, you probably do plenty of steps per day already. Invest in a fitness watch to track your steps and give you extra motivation to hit the daily recommended amount of 10,000. You will feel better, and you should shed a few extra pounds too. Plus, walking is excellent for your cardiovascular health.

Try Regular Stretches
Now, we’re not saying you have to take up yoga here, but starting your morning by doing a few simple stretches can be great for your posture and prevent back pains and strains. Just 5 minutes a day of specific stretches can have a significant impact on your body. They can also help relieve stress and combat pre-existing aches.

Up Your Veggies
Although reaching your recommended 5 a day of fruit and vegetables can be difficult, especially if you’re not a massive fan of either, aim to add just one portion of veggies to every meal you have. Experiment with different recipes to make them more tasty and exciting, and you’ll soon get into the habit of eating them.

Take Supplements
Think about your current health and diet. Is it lacking in any essential vitamins or minerals? Try tracking your food on a fitness app such as My Fitness Pal to see exactly how much of each essential vitamin you are currently getting. You can then take vitamins and supplements to ensure your body is getting everything it needs.

Keep Hydrated
One of the most repeated but underrated pieces of advice for improving your health is often to ‘keep hydrated,’ but it is imperative. Drinking enough water means your brain and other vital organs can function properly. It will also improve your skin, energy levels, and ability to focus. Aim to drink 1-2 liters daily and always drink a glass first thing on an empty stomach.