Quarantine means you can’t leave your house unless it’s for essential purposes, so unfortunately, going to the gym is out of the picture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t workout! Even if all you have at home is some clothes to work out in, you have enough to get a great workout in. Sure, it’s nice to have all that fancy equipment they have at the gym, but it’s definitely unnecessary. And thankfully, tons of influencers and services are streaming workout videos you can do from the comfort of your home, equipment free. So if you’re reading this, take this as a PSA: get off the couch and get into some workout clothes, and try one of these workouts:

Sweat by Kayla

This workout program is by the Instagram-famous workout influencer, Kayla Itsines. Her workouts have everything from cardio to strength training and use items you can find lying around the house. You get a free seven-day trial, and after that, it’s $19.99 a month!


If barre is your exercise of choice and you’re freaking out now that you can’t go into a studio, don’t worry! You can still do barre from the comfort of your home! Barre3 will make you feel you’re right back in your favorite studio with low-impact strength-training, and stretching workouts. It’s free for a 15-day trial and then $29 a month.

Barry’s on Instagram Live

If you’re an avid Barry’s fan, don’t fret, Barry’s has brought the workout to you. The virtual classes began on April 13 and are live-streamed on Instagram for 35 minutes. The classes are short, but get the job done, and require no equipment!

Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory is now offering free classes to everyone, regardless if you’re an OTF member or not. You can stream the workouts on the app, and they just require things you can find around the house. The exercises target everything from HIIT to arm workouts!

WodWell’s Bodyweight section

Free and uses just your own bodyweight, WodWell gets your workout done for the day. WodWell is a site that uses CrossFit coaches that take you through the workout and offers a variety of routines that you can do from the comfort of your living room.