Wearing the wrong sports bra may not just be bad for your boobs. It can cause severe problems like backache, shoulder pain, and general discomfort in the chest region. The stakes are higher when you exercise because your breasts move in all directions (up, down, left, right, and even diagonal). If you have a problem picking out the perfect sports bra, these six tips will make things easier for you.

Figure out your size

Lots of women wear the wrong size sports bra. They are either too large and don’t offer any support, or they are too small and cause cramping. It’s best to go to an expert fitter to learn your exact sports bra size. This will limit your search to options in that particular size.

Figure out the types

Sports bras come in different styles and designs. Each style provides a distinct area of support. Your sports bra could be:
Back Clasp
Wide Straps

Compression bras work best for A and B cup sizes, and they’re perfect for low to moderate-intensity workouts. Encapsulated bras are those with individual cups, and they work better for bustier women. The sports bras with back clasps receive a high percentage of their support from these clasps, and they’re better for busty women. The pullover is best for women with a broad chest area since it provides back support. Racerback sports bras cinch at the back, and this is where their support comes from, and lastly, wide straps help distribute the weight better.

Buy great quality

When it comes to sports bras, the higher the price, the better the technology behind it. Do not be frugal when purchasing a sports bra since the good ones will stand the test of time.

Try them on

Do not go to the store and visually determine if a specific bra will give you the support you crave. Try them on and ensure they’re a perfect fit before you purchase.

If the bands go up, they’re too big

Make sure the bands are at the same level at the front and the back. If they ride up, they’re too big, and if they hurt too much, they’re too tight.

Feel free to jump

Just so you get a feel of what you’re purchasing, jump around and mimic exercise routines. This way, you’ll determine the support they give.

You need a sports bra if you’re active. The right one can be tough to find, but hopefully, these tips will give you a better perspective for your next purchase.