Ask a Scientist: Why Do Guys Love Women’s Butts?

A booty is a uniquely female trait—and therefore uniquely feminine.

woman's butt
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The Scientist: Viren Swami, Ph.D., YouBeauty Attraction Expert and Reader in Psychology at the University of Westminster in London, England.

The Answer: They stare, they ogle, they pat and they pinch. But what is it that draws some men so intensely to the female behind? The long held theory that an hourglass figure, including a full lower body, is attractive because it suggests health and fertility has been largely discredited. It has yet to be replaced by a convincing alternative.

What we do know is that a booty is a uniquely female trait—and therefore uniquely feminine. After puberty, sex hormones begin to dictate the distribution of fat on the body. In men, fat accumulation is stimulated around the gut and inhibited in the seat. It’s the opposite for women, who tend to carry fat in their gluteofemoral region, that is, the butt and thighs. [Click on to read more…]

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  • buttchop

    Dat azz!

  • Chrmngblly

    Who didn’t know this?

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    I love women’s butts because they drive me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love all parts of the female body, but it’s hard for me to get my eyes off that rump!

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Just a possible theory here….

    Men were the hunter/gatherers in ancient times and women(obviously) were the mothers, caretakers of the babies and cooked the food. So… please bear with me.

    Ancient humans were nomadic and had to move constantly, so they had to be built to move while pregnant. Your skeletal frame, your hips and how your spine is curved tells a lot about how you are built and how easy it will be to give birth and walk long distances after birth. If you were straight spined with narrow hips, you may have problems. If you were chunky, wide hipped and have normal curve to your spine? You were much better off. Back problems were a death sentence in ancient times.

    As for fat distribution.
    I believe that fat distribution on men around the gut and belly showed that he was a good hunter/gatherer, that he was well fed and could provide for a family, and that fat in the woman’s butt as well as a curved spine and wide hips showed that she was healthy, built for endurance and also built for babies. After all? A bony and skeletal man in ancient times was a dead man.

    • dennisglodzik

      Pardon, but I think that fat distribution on men around the gut and belly, is a sign of sloth, and inactivity, and bad diet; you know, the guy that goes through all kinds of crazy maneuvers in his car, on coming home, so he doesn’t have to walk 20 yards, or less, to the mail box.

    • Dippshtt

      …if you believe in evolution.

    • Kira Jahn

      Actually, females “gathered” 85% of the caloric content eaten by ancient humans!

  • Lotanna Uzoma

    A booty is not a uniquely female trait. Men have butts do. some black men have big butts.

    • dennisglodzik

      Yeah, guys have butts too, but women’s butts are the really beautiful, wonderful, ones.

      • Kathy B

        That’s because you’re a man. As a straight woman, I beg to differ.

    • Leroy Delk

      Men’s butts don’t shake pretty like lady’s I don’t care how big men’s butts get’ maybe I just don’t look at men’s butts like you do????

    • Todd Scott

      Unfortunately black men are super feminine in all ways so l think that’s maybe why some may have that.

    • The General

      That’s why black men love to pound black men up the ass, especially in prison. It’s all on the down low baby.

  • dennisglodzik

    Screw all the theories!!! Okay, well, I guess it’s because long ago, when our ancestors walked on all fours, males soften approached females from behind. I can go with that. Right now, all I know is that women’s behinds are something to sing about. While I have a near horror of poop, (which is, face it, associated with behinds) pretty well the first thing I notice about a woman is her wonderful “Hey! look at me!”, behind. Pretty well, the first thing I noticed about my wife, before I really met her, was her yummy bottom.
    Like I once told my wife, “When I stop looking at women, bury me. And I accepted her acting like a horny teenager when Maksim was on Dancing with the Stars. Although, I can’t understand why anyone, including women, would want to look at a man’s butt.

    • Kathy B

      Hey, there’s some pretty decent men’s butts out there. Women like them tight but well defined. Still, I think this really is only something you notice on a nude man. Men’s clothes usually don’t show much.

  • Mario

    The wider the hips the “bigger” the butt. The wider the hips the easier it is to recognize a women of breeding age from a distance. This recognition is what triggers a man’s physical attraction. When this happens the man experiences that the woman is “hot”. This is why men are so attracted to butts. It’s pure physiology.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

    I jus love her booty cuz it’s heart shaped, love shaped, peach shaped, apple shaped ….