What it is: Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel, $25

What it does: Naturally sloughs the layers of dead skin off your feet, leaving them as soft and smooth as if you’d never walked a step in your life.

Why it works: Colder weather means flip-flops and sandals are demoted to the back of the closet. Which also means our feet tend to get shafted. They’re shoved away in heavy socks and boots, where they’re neglected and pedicure-deprived for months. And then we take our boots off when we’re indoors and cringe just looking at them. Not to mention when we touch them…or catch a whiff. Yuck. Dry, cracked heels. Rough, lumpy callouses. All-over flaky scaliness.

If you’re too embarrassed to visit a salon and wiggle your nasty tootsies in someone else’s face to get them fixed, don’t worry—you can get those babies in tip-top shape at home. After using Baby Foot for the first time, you’ll be thoroughly grossed out, and then completely awestruck. Whether you have dry and cracked heels, callouses galore or just downright nasty, smelly feet, the natural extracts in the Baby Foot gel packs penetrate dead skin cells and dissolve the adhesive fibers that hold them, which allow them to cling to your feet for dear life.

You won’t notice much after you first use it. But then, about three to five days later, the magic starts to happen. All of the dead skin literally just falls right off in sheets. Think of a snake shedding its skin in huge, solid flakes. You might want to hide them away in socks for a few heavy-shedding days, but when it’s all over, you won’t believe how different your feet look and feel. The peeling may not sound pretty (and it’s not), but there’s really no glamorous way to remove chunks of dead skin from your feet anyway, right? Baby Foot does all the dirty work as effeciently as possible.

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