We all need a boost of motivation to reach our fitness goals sometimes, and these incredible podcasts are everything you need!

The Good Life Project

This podcast is full of inspiring stories about happiness, success, and fitness. It includes motivational and fitness speakers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin, and Gretchen Rubin, along with people sharing their personal experiences and motivations. This audio series is worth listening to even when you’re not necessarily working out because it offers inspiration to be better and care for yourself.

The Fitzness show

This audio podcast is a lot of fun because you can listen to people from all over the country discussing everything! From what to do after losing weight, how to maintain a diet and tips for raising healthy and fit kids. All with a funny twist from fitness pro, Fitz Koehler.

40+ fitness

It gets a bit challenging to join the fitness world after you hit 40, but that certainly isn’t an excuse to give up on your dreams and fitness goals. This 15 minutes podcast is dedicated to sharing tips on achieving better health and a gorgeous body in your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.

Couch to 5k

This podcast was inspired by the famous Couch to 5k fitness program. These audios are designed for runners who would like to stay motivated during their runs. Each episode is packed with motivational talks and inspiring music to help you get that extra boost for your 5k run!

Main Street Vegan

His show is mainly about the healthy lifestyle and vegan life. Whether you’re an expert or just starting to discover the vegan life, this podcast is for you. It’s such an informative and fun series that includes delicious recipes, tips on vegan living, and many vegan guest stars that share their experience.

The Friend Zone

This podcast is so rich in content and super fun! It ranges from mental health, fitness goals and diet, engaging each topic in a fun and excellent way. I would highly recommend this show to people with self-image issues or anyone in need for strong motivation. If you are interested in self-care and having a good laugh, this podcast is for you.

Happy exercising!