A lot of people believe that exercise before bed is a recipe for a restless night. But, there are actually some workouts that will help you sleep just fine (while ensuring you’re getting your recommended physical activity in too).

We’ll start off with the stairs. Walking the stairs whether it be in your home, apartment building or place nearby will help you get a good cardio workout in and build leg strength. Aim for 500 reps.

Squats are a high impact exercise that you can do anywhere at anytime. If you’re not use to doing squats, ease into them first. Then as it becomes less challenging, you can add something like weights to intensify the workout.

Kettlebells and Cross Fit trainers normally hit the gym for a good workout. But when it’s late and you’re really close to bedtime, that may not be a great idea. You can get a kettlebell and do burpees, deadlifts, and swings.

For an all around exercise, go for planks. They require the use of the entire body from neck to feet. Not only will it tone your arms and legs, it will also improve your balance by strengthening your core.

An old time favorite – push ups. Simply go for any of the 30 days push up challenge movements. In no time, you will have built strong arms and legs.

Jump rope is a great cardio workout. It will also help tone the arms and increase the heart rate.

Yoga: If you aren’t interested in doing anything high intense before bed, you can consider doing yoga. Yoga is a versatile modality that you can use to get in shape without increasing your heart rate.

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