It’s no lie, working out can get boring. Going to the gym regularly for long periods of time gets old. How many ab workouts and leg machines can one person do? Getting yourself to the gym is one thing, but getting yourself to stay is another.

Motivation to workout often comes in waves, and if you’re currently finding it hard to get yourself to the gym, you might be looking for ways to change it up. If one-on-one workouts, like with a trainer, aren’t your thing, there’s a whole world of workout classes out there. From Zumba to aerial yoga, the options are endless.

It’s 2019, who said working had to be boring?

Soul Cycle
Soul Cycle is one of the most popular cycling classes. The classes are known for having great music and motivating instructors, all the more reason to give it a try.

Orange Theory
Group workouts based on HIIT training. The vibe of all Orange Theory studios is sleek, modern, and well-orange! Your performance is recorded on a screen in each class and tracked by your heart rate so you can keep up with how you’re doing.

A way to get a full-body workout in and let out any anger all in one class? Count us in! Boxing is a great way to build strength and muscle and keep yourself motivated.

Aerial Fitness
These classes involve 30-foot ribbon that’s hung from the ceiling. Yeah, it sounds pretty exciting. Doing these will build a solid core and arm strength.

Pole Dancing
Pole dancing classes are the latest craze as they are a great workout and can help build up the confidence of anyone who joins.

Dancing can break a sweat, especially when it’s incorporated into a fast-paced, workout class like Zumba is. You can learn how to dance, build muscle, and burn calories all in one class. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

If you’re getting bored with going to a regular gym and want to spice up your fitness life- give one of these workouts a try. We promise your body will thank you later!