Cate Blanchett’s Style Evolution

While “The Hobbit” star is arguably the most elegant and statuesque in all of Hollywood, even she had a wobbly rise. Witness her gorgeous transformations through the years.


Ok fine, this is kind of unfair, considering she’s in character (here, the 1999 film, “Pushing Tin,” which launched her to American stardom). That said, all ye take note: Here’s a perfect example of how hair can age you, capiche? No youngster naturally has two-tone hair. And while we’re at it, matte raisin lipstick isn’t doing her fair, cool-toned complexion any favors. Washed out, much?

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Ever the devoted thespian, Blanchett followed in the steps of fellow actresses Sigourney Weaver and Demi Moore to shave her head for a role in “Heaven.” Jeez Louise, look at that bone structure! Full cheeks, clear skin, white teeth…check, check, check on the evolutionary scale of attraction.

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A couple of years later, we encounter the dreaded growing out stage, but luckily for Miss Bone Structure USA here, she can carry just about anything. (We won’t mention the dress, eek!). That said, here’s a prime example of how too many layers can make fine hair look too wispy in a chin-length bob. For those burning in in-between stage hair purgatory, check out tips here.


“Cate Blanchett is Hollywood royalty from her acting to her style,” says Hollywood stylist Elle Werlin. And that’s exactly why she holds a spot in our pantheon of “Best Dressed Celebrity Baby Bumps.” By using strategic cut-outs in the fabric, she simultaneously draws attention to and away from her growing belly. (Maybe we should move her to number one on the list?)


Holy smokes! The usually fresh-faced actress took a sultry turn at a premiere for her film “Notes on a Scandal.” While fair-skinned types might want to stick with softer shades of brown and gold, Blanchett proves there are no rules when it comes to playing up your eyes. Notice her nude lips, which skew slightly peach to warm up her porcelain skin.

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Speaking of peach, at the “Blindness” premiere in Cannes, Blanchett uses ruffles and embellishments to enhance her “ruler” body shape. Points for the elongating (as if she needs help) creamy, nude palette.

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Here, she’s the poster child for exactly how to rock the new-ish lip trend that keeps on tickin’: bright, neon-coral lips. “The key to wearing strong lipstick in the real world is to play down the makeup on the rest of your face,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

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At last year’s Oscars, Blanchett looked like a breath of fresh air in pretty lilac, which helped complement her pale complexion. It’s a tough color to wear for blondes, but Cate’s cool highlights (as opposed to warm, buttery blonde) works beautifully.

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At a photo call for her acclaimed role in the classic play “Uncle Vanya,” besides her insanely crystal clear skin, we couldn’t help but notice how lush her lashes looked. Natural blondes tend to have fair lashes as well, but here Cate used black mascara to open up her eyes so they don’t get lost against her otherwise nude face.

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Most recently, at the Elle “Women in Hollywood Awards,” appears a dignified woman who barely appears to have aged, yet her face seems like it hasn’t been Michael Jackson-ed out. (Maybe she read our piece on plastic surgery disasters?) Or maybe she’s just wise: Cate often describes her avid sunscreen use to protect her fair maiden skin, and she’s also mastered the science of fair skin. Rosy blush and pinky-nude lips make this 40-something mother of three look years younger.

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