‘I kinda love when people do real vs produced shots.”, says NASCAR driver Danica Patrick who took to Instagram recently to share her opinions on what it takes to have really good looking abs in any photo. The difference? There are three…. lighting, pose, and clothes adjustments. The 35-year-old posted this to help inspire others, and so they won’t feel intimidated or inferior of someone else’s body, especially when what’s seen in photos are usually nothing more than illusions.

She shared side by side photos of her wearing the same outfit on the same day, so you can examine the differences and the differences were noticeable. In the “produced” photo, the lighting is much more vibrant creating the look of a healthy glow. Her hips are also slightly swayed with her right foot propped up on her left ankle. Also, the photo is taken from above while the “real” picture was taken straight on with no additional light.

Revealing these camera tricks are her way of sending an inspiring message to her followers letting them know that healthy living is important and to never compare their body to someone else’s. Here’s what she posted…”We all want to look our best at all times, no shame in that. But don’t let someone else’s body put yours down. Use it for motivation. Keep digging friends to be the best you! You own that! We all know when we are treating our bodies with the respect it deserves. It’s the one and only thing we own for life.”

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