Lucky you! Gone are the days of making excuses about not being able to hit the gym. Thanks to these companies releasing their cool gadgets, we can now hit the gym in the comfort of our home.

If you’re anything like us, we’re all up for lifting some weights while Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Did we mention it’s an excellent show to get you motivated? They always seem to be working out!

You might find you like working out in your living room so much that you cancel your gym membership. That means more vacation money in your pocket to show off that hot body on the beach! Go, girl.

1. Ab roller wheel
Yup, it’s for your core, but this thing is a full power-house in itself. It targets your shoulders, arms, and back as you keep your core steady. For the price, it’s an excellent investment.

2. Guided exercise mat
Unlike a yoga mat, an exercise mat is thicker to provide cushion for a floor workout. This one comes with a guide for the most common floor exercises, but there are others you can get, which are more basic or thicker and foldable.

3. Free Weights
There are a lot of choices for weights out there, but the Bowflex system remains one of the top-sellers for a reason. Easily switch between different weights in one go. The space impact is minimal, but you get plenty of variety, with the dumbbells adjusting up to 90 lbs!

4. Resistance bands
Efficiently perform resistance exercises and condition your arms, legs, core, and back without any bulky equipment. You can do most gym machine workouts with a pair of resistance bands and a few free weights.

5. Stability ball
Not only can you use it instead of your office chair, doing exercises on the stability ball introduces a new level of challenge to your routine.

6. Fitbit Charge 3
The watch will inspire you to move more often and challenge you to compete with your friends!

Sweat With Bec Ab Roller Kit • $45
Gaiam Restore Self Guided Fitness Mat • Gaiam • $24.97
Bowflex Select Tech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells • $599.99
Gaiam Strength Flexibility Kit • Gaiam • $14.99
Gaiam Restore Self-Guided Stability Ball • Gaiam • $19.97
Fitbit Charge 3 Unisex Black Elastomer Band Touchscreen Smart Watch 22.7mm • Fitbit • $149.95