As many of us begin gearing up for the winter, staying in shape and eating healthy seems to turn into less and less of a priority. Freezing temperatures keep us indoors, making it very easy to slap on a pair of slouchy sweats and cozy up to Netflix rather than heading to your local gym. But it’s just as important to keep your workout routine going strong during the winter months as it is during bikini season. We’ve gathered a list of health and fitness apps to help keep you motivated during those dreadful cold spells!

  1. Nike+ Training Club. Keep your workout personalized for your needs with the Nike+ Training Club app. Whether you’re a yoga junkie or HIIT enthusiast, this app uses Nike Master Trainers to develop workouts to accommodate your fitness goals. Each workout is equipped with a video tutorial, helping you to keep perfect form when you’re doing the workout in your living room!
  2. FitReserve. If you’re a fan of easy-to-use booking services and live in New York or Boston, you’ll love FitReserve. This fitness-booking membership offers classes for boutique fitness studios at peak class times so you’ll never get to use the “oops, all the classes are full!” excuse ever again when trying to book your workout. Studios like Exhale, Exceed, Peloton, and Mile High Run Club are all included in this members only package, with tons of additional studios popping up.
  3. MyFitnessPal. For counting calories and tracking workouts, MyFitnessPal is your best bet. This simple app allows you to keep a food journal that calculates calorie intake, while also logging your workouts so you can keep track of the amount of calories you burn as well.
  4. Charity Miles. If there’s one thing to motivate you to workout on those days you really don’t want to move, it’s Charity Miles. This app does much more than just track your miles when you run, bike or walk your way to a healthy bod. It actually donates 10 cents per mile for bikers, or 25 cents per mile for runners and walkers, with the help of a few corporate sponsors. So, if your fitness goals aren’t enough to get you up off the couch, just remember that those miles matter for much more than your health!
  5. FitStar Personal Trainer. Created by former NFL athlete Tony Gonzalez, this app gives users access to a personal trainer in the comfort of their own home. Workouts are tailored according to your rate of progression and fitness needs (gathered from a short questionnaire at the end of each workout) so your routine will always be changing for optimal results.

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