UPDATE: We now have a trailer and release date (December 12) for “Free the Nipple.” Director Lina Esco discussed her difficulties shooting the film – even with permits – with Entertainment Weekly: “[A NYC cop said] you can’t shoot with topless girls because it can seem like you’re shooting porn to passersby.’ So I’m, like, ‘That’s really unfair.’” Esco came back later without proper documentation to get her topless shot.**The “free the nipple” campaign,  a movement addressing the antiquated laws that make female toplessness illegal in 37 states — some even include breastfeeding — has been really picking up. Even in New York City, where women can legally go bare up there, the NYPD has continued to arrest topless women.

Over the past several months, celebrities like the model Cara Delevingne and Scout Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter) have taken the cause under their wing, even protesting Instagram’s policy prohibiting female toplessness while allowing men to post so, so many shirtless pics. The next logical step, of course, is a movie called “Free the Nipple,” coming to us via IFC Films on December 12th. And you were worried your family had nothing to watch together during the holidays!

The film version of “Free The Nipple” is a satire following NYC activists Liv and With (sounds about right) as they fight for the right to go topless in public, directed by actress Lina Esco (who appeared in the movie “LOL” with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore) and written by Hunter Richards. And since the movement’s celebrity supporters are my absolute favorite breed of celebrity — celebrity relatives — hopefully we’ll get some good cameos from Elizabeth Jagger, Kendall Jenner, Rumer and Scout Willis, or Dree Hemingway (yes, Ernest’s great-granddaughter — a girl can hope, can’t she?)

“Free The Nipple” promises to “smash societal taboos one bare breast at a time.” If bare boobs and Bruce Willis’ kid aren’t worth your two hours, it’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror.