Who knew that something as simple as a water bottle would say so much about one’s personality? Depending on the style and functionality of a bottle, you kind of know whether the person is a hardcore fitness buff, or sophisticated gal pal on the go.

If you’re looking for the perfect bottle for the latter, then consider getting her the sleek water bottle from S’Well for a highly noticeable and sophisticated look.

Not only does it keep hot drinks hot for 12 hrs., but it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hrs.

People who’ve gotten it as a gift say things such as, “Perfect gift” or “I love it”. So you won’t wrong here. Part of what makes this bottle unique is the double-walled stainless-steel technology featuring ThermaS’well fabrication .

It comes in three sizes: 9in, 17in and 24in making it perfect for the cup holder in your car.

The design allows the bottom to screw off for easy hand washing. Plus, the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to pour liquid and ice into. They come in several different colors as well, so no matter who you’re buying for, there’s bound to be a color that fits their personality:

  • Satin Shadow: This beautiful soft blue color is ideal for the person who’s more subtle.
  • Lime Green: Perfect for your upbeat buddy who doesn’t mind expressing herself.
  • Tweak Wood: More for the “earthy” person in your life. It also has a sophisticated look.
  • Shimmer Red: For that fire cracker in your life.
  •  Hand Painted Textile: Perfect for the person who is a little artsy and doesn’t mind looking a little different.