Halle Berry’s Style Evolution

Our style evolution begins back in 2000 at the MTV Movie Awards, where it’s not just Berry’s midriff that’s exposed. The new star’s body language suggests an openness that may be endearing, yet makes her painfully vulnerable as well. Clearly, she has no idea of the paparazzi battles she’ll be fighting in the future?

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Fast-forward a year later, at a Monster’s Ball screening, Berry looks dramatically more modest. Her bent leg suggests a degree of closed-offedness, though her puff-sleeved pirate shirt indicates a healthy appetite for adventure. Grown-out, somewhat unkempt hair says she is letting her grooming slide slightly in an irreverent act as she concentrates on being taken more seriously as an actress.

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Remember this little number? The night she scooped up an Oscar for the aforementioned Monster’s Ball, she chose a mix of revealing and demure. (Note her hair has been neatly cropped.) That said, while her stance seems playful and confident, there is a defensive undertone of “don’t even think about taking this statue away from me buster.”

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It’s 2005 and Berry is sporting one stunning new ‘do. And not that her model-perfect face has any issues, but an angled, choppy bob can help us mere mortals balance facial features and create symmetry.

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The film Lackawanna Blues may have lacked big screen presence (it was a made-for-TV-movie, ahem), but when it comes to Berry’s evolving ‘do, we’ve got luster going on. Here at the premiere is photographic evidence that Berry’s face—clearly sculpted by the gods—really is perfection. Normally, a middle part can draw attention to less-than-symmetrical features, but we’d argue this glorious style works so well because her face is damn near flawless.

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Now, we’re pretty sure Berry can wear just about everything (and clearly, she does), but at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, she really does kind of make the most of it right? If you’re lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, might as well work it in a frothy mermaid-esque concoction.

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At a recent gala in Beverly Hills, Berry treated herself to some “color wearapy.” According to experts, rocking bright hues not only boosts your own mood, it can command feel-good attention from others as well. Handy for all your upcoming red carpet appearances (or um, workplace meetings), doncha think?

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Never one to rest on her (hair) laurels, once again, Berry busts out the unexpected. Her latest au naturel look signals a degree of inner peace, wouldn’t you agree? We’re thinking Berry took a page out of our textured hair playbook, and treated herself to a dose of super moisturizing conditioner the night before this appearance. V05 Hot Oil anyone?

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After all these years, is it just us, or has the woman not aged a bit? Clearly, she took our advice and used a décolletage cream. For more ways to ensure your chest doesn’t age faster than you do, check out these body products.

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