Mara, a ten-year-old hippo at the Los Angeles Zoo, is living many women’s nightmare and some women’s reality show: she didn’t know she was pregnant. Despite Mara’s birth control regimen, three-year-old Adhama, a male hippo, managed to sneak one past the goalie (via People). Maybe she tried to time their trysts during her period and miscalculated? Despite the zoo’s original plan for poor Mara, they decided to have her give birth to a baby hippo, which seems pretty hard.Thanks to these freaky hippos, the LA Zoo now has their first baby hippopotamus born in captivity in 26 years. Mara moved to the big city last December from Topeka, Kansas. And less than a year later she’s knocked up by some younger, free-wheeling hippo from San Diego who thought she was on birth control.  Exactly what her parents knew would happen.Related Articles: