Self-love is important, and every day I keep seeing reasons why it is crucial that one loves themselves unconditionally. I’ve scrunched up my nose before, wondering what people meant by “You are all you’ve got.” I had lots of friends, and my confidence level was at an all-time high, so I thought this was what self-love was about. Till one day I looked in the mirror, and I wasn’t sure I liked what I saw.

My confidence took a little blow, and I started becoming conscious of myself, maybe a bit too aware. So much so that if others made passing comments about my looks, I began to put up a shield of arrogance to keep them at arms-length. I was no longer my bubbly self, and it took really awesome friends to get me out of this phase. Has your confidence ever faltered like mine? Here is how I am learning to love my body and how you can love yours too!

Prioritize feeling good: I noticed that before I start projecting onto others, I battle my insecurities internally. The overthinking led me to take offense to the smallest comments about any parts of me I felt insecure about. Until I learned to feel good at the moment, I wasn’t really happy. So, feel good, tell yourself that you feel good, chant it like a mantra, and watch it become your reality!

Affirmations: There is nothing better for spreading positive energy all around you than starting the day on a positive note. I created something I tagged “the dream board,” where I put the “random-est” stuff that interests me and inspirational tidbits. It makes me smile every morning when I wake up to see it on the wall. The power of words is ever so tremendous!

Surrounding myself with positive energy: Feeling awesome is excellent, having awesome people surround you at all times is even more fabulous! You are bound to feel like you belong in your own space where you are comfortable and can draw strength from supportive people around you.

Life is a continuous journey of self-discovery. And feeling confident in your own body is one way you get to tell life “I’ve got this locked down confidently, throw me other challenges.”