The human body has a lot of functions, and one of the core responsibilities in maintaining the body’s strength and flexibility is “the Back.” Because it’s the support system for our musculoskeletal system as a whole, it is susceptible to all kinds of pain. Which makes it essential that you protect your back from pain while you’re at the gym.

Exercising to keep fit and healthy is essential, and so is protecting your back! The following are some tips on how to prevent back pain at the gym and enjoy a healthy body pain-free.

Lift heavy objects correctly
No matter what your age, anyone can lift heavy objects incorrectly. So, before you delve into the world of weight lifting, you must have the necessary guidance so that you won’t hurt your back while you’re at it. Enlist someone to watch your form while you practice, at least for the beginning stages. It ensures you won’t put unnecessary strain on your back.

Be conscious of your posture
Poor posture only spells one thing, “discomfort.” The natural curve in our lower spine needs support, and to do this, you need to be conscious about your posture as you attempt to complete your workout routines.

Foam rolling
This tip is super crucial! When you do have back pain, foam rolling at the gym shouldn’t be one of your outright pain relief options unless you have identified the cause of your pain. The lower back doesn’t share the same bone structure as your upper back, and as such, foam rolling can cause more harm than good

Know when to stop
Consistency is fantastic, but knowing your boundaries can prove to be very helpful where preventing back pain at the gym.

Where lower back pain is concerned, as soon as you notice discomfort with your back during your training, you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice if you continue with the workout. With more strain comes more pain, and gentle rehab exercises are what your body needs.

Workouts are fantastic, but a healthy back makes your gym time more rewarding. With the tips above, you can be sure to enjoy excellent workout sessions without back pain worries.