If you exercise regularly, then you know how important rest days are. Even on a week when you’re feeling your best and think you can skip your rest day- don’t!

The point of a rest day is to give your body a break and let your muscles heal and recover. Without ever resting, you’re just going to be more prone to injury. But, a rest day doesn’t mean you have to be completely sedentary. Your rest day might not be going for a long run or doing strength training, but you can still get your body moving.

Try these recovery workouts the next time you decide your body needs a rest, but you still want to be a little bit active:

Going for a walk is a great way to get your body moving without pushing yourself too hard. Chances are your muscles will be sore on your recovery day. Still, walking will increase circulation that can help with soreness. Plus, it’s a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air!

Now that it’s summer and the weather is warming up, it’s time to start hiking! Hiking is a great recovery day exercise because it’s a light cardio activity but isn’t intense on your body. And it’s a great activity to do with friends!

You should stretch before and after every workout, but you also should stretch on your rest days! Stretching is not only relaxing, but it also lengthens and loosens tight muscles. There are tons of stretching videos you can find online that really do the trick.

Foam rolling
If you’re serious about working out, it’s always a great idea to invest in a foam roller. Foam rolling is a great rest day activity as it eases muscle pain, increases range of motion, and helps you relax.

Swimming is a great cardio workout, but on a rest day, it’s an easy way to get your body moving. It is a low-impact exercise and perfect for a hot summer day.

Whether you bike indoors or outdoors, biking is another excellent low-impact workout. Just don’t do anything too intense! Instead, go on a slow ride and enjoy the exercise.