Hot yoga is a trend that has been on the come up for quite some time now. Yoga in itself can get quite difficult- so imagine doing it in 92 degrees? Yeah, it’s as difficult as it sounds. Hot yoga is straining on both the body and the mind, and many people opt for it for the belief that hot yoga burns more calories than traditional yoga. Heated workout classes have expanded past just yoga and into heated-cardio classes as well. And not to be the bearer of bad news- but hot workout classes don’t have more of an impact than regular workout classes.

There is no scientific proof that hot yoga and similar workout classes burn more calories. However, higher temperatures can help you burn more fat. High temperatures make your body work that much harder to cool off. Your body also tends to be more pliable in warmer weather, which can help in workout classes, especially yoga. Being able to stretch and hold poses for longer can also lead to more fat loss. You also might feel the need to push yourself harder in warmer weather, so hot yoga can make yourself work harder mentally, which will lead to you working harder physically.

However, working out in heated rooms have their side effects. Your heart works harder in hotter temperatures, which means you’re more susceptible to injury. It can also lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration if the proper precautions are not taken. If at any time during a heated workout you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, stop immediately. Take some time to drink water and cool off. To prevent that from happening, drink a sufficient amount of water before, during, and after your workout. Drinking enough water replenishes your body’s water content and will lessen any possibility of dehydration or injury. Wear lightweight clothing and make sure you eat a healthy, protein-packed meal before your workout.

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that’s going to make you look like you just got out of the pool- hot yoga is a reliable option. Although hot yoga doesn’t mean you’ll lose more calories, you’re likely to lose more fat and push yourself harder during the workout. So grab a water bottle and head to your nearest yoga studio- that summer body can’t wait!