With 18-month-old Autumn James at home, Hewitt and husband Brian Hallisay spend more time chasing around the little one than enjoying any pregnancy pampering. One thing she has found time for? Fitness. Hewitt said she’s worked out more pregnant than she ever did before – she makes time for workouts five days a week.

Like all exercise during pregnancy, Hewitt’s trainer walks her through a variety of workouts tailored to her unique needs:

“I do a lot of stuff in the pool because it’s really beneficial when you’re pregnant to take the weight off for a minute. It helps the swelling. We’ve been doing kettle bell exercises in the pool, boxing outside of the pool, and some days I just feel like walking and we’ll go from 3 ½ to 5 miles. It just depends on the day and how you’re feeling. Obviously my daughter also keeps me very busy too. When you’re crawling in and out of forts, it’s easy to be active.”

For a working mom – even a celebrity who essentially has to look good for work –  motherhood changes the amount of time you have to spend on beauty. Like her fellow actress/mom Debra Messing, Hewitt has learned to shorten her morning routine. “You just sort of figure it out,” she said, “My beauty routine is definitely faster now. You have to figure out how to do it all real quick. You have five minutes to do it all. And you make deals with your kid, ‘I need five minutes to do my face and we’ll play for 15 minutes and then I’ll need five minutes for my hair and then we’re going to get dressed at the same time while we listen to Carly Rae Jepsen.’ And then magically you’re ready in 15 minutes.”

But just because Mom makes her living in show business doesn’t mean she expects Autumn – or Baby No. 2 – to be beauty-obsessed. Hewitt wants to pass on her easy-going relationship with her body to her daughter. She explained:

“I’d like Autumn not to concentrate on beauty so much. We’re in a world where there’s eye candy and models and magazines and I’ve been an actress and it’s going to come up, but it won’t be a focal point or something where I sit her down and talk about it. We’ll have open discussions about it when she’s ready but I’d love for her to be into music and magic and sports and whatever else it is and not worry so much about what she looks like all the time.”

Sounds like a great attitude for mothers and daughters.

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