Kim Kardashian may be “very calm” in the days before her Saturday wedding, but we (and the rest of pop-culture consuming America) are itching to know what she’ll be wearing.Her dress will be no style whim. Kim’s paparazzi-perfect poses tell us that she carefully calculates each and every style she puts on her  hourglass body shape. Which is savvy: Dressing for your body type takes the “will-this-look-good-on-me” guess work out of your daily style decisions.QUIZ: What’s Your Body Shape?Famed fashion designer Vera Wang is designing a custom gown for the uber-curvaceous reality TV star. (Wang also designed sister Khloe Kardashian’s wedding dress last year.)MORE: Best Wedding Dresses for Your Body ShapeThe dress design is strictly under wraps—even the staff at Vera is legally bound to secrecy. Only close friends and family have seen the dress so far, and they’re raving. Tyra Banks thinks it’s “absolutely beautiful” and it moved Kim’s mom to tears (though honestly, what mother of the bride doesn’t cry?).But based on the science of what will look best on her, here’s what Kim ought to be wearing down the aisle this weekend: A body-hugging dress that shows off the best attributes of her hourglass body shape—her slim waist and well-balanced curves. Tasteful embellishments like a ruched fabric or a beaded belt show off teeny-tiny waists like Kim’s and an ethereal, mermaid-cut skirt will round out the look.Click through for a gallery of dresses that will look best on Kim:GALLERY: Best Wedding Dresses for Kim’s Kardashian’s Hourglass Body ShapeAnd that brings us to our next question: What will she choose for shoes?