New workouts pop up every day, and wouldn’t it be nice to try before you buy? In our “Last Night’s Workout” series we sweat, stretch and shimmy our way through the latest exercise crazes and report back to you so you can find the best one for your skill level and fitness goals.The workout: Started 15 years ago by “The Jane Fonda of India” Sarina Jain, this fun and upbeat dance class combines the cardio efficiency of aerobics with the poweful, sexy movements of Bollywood dance. The traditional part of the dance, Bhangra, is actually a men’s folk dance in northern India. “I tell my students to channel their masculine side through Bhangra, and channel their feminine grace through Bollywood,” Jain says. It’s all about making the masculine movements look sexy without having to bump and grind your way there. But don’t worry: There’s plenty of hip swinging, thanks to the Bollywood influence.The dance method was born out of Jain’s love of both aerobics and Indian culture. Growing up in California with Indian parents, she loved both Western culture and her Indian roots. After her father’s passing, she was determined to bridge her two worlds and share her pride for her culture—something he always encouraged her to do. Jain was the first to bring Indian dance to the fitness industry on a global level, and now, 12 DVDs and three CDs later, she is raising funds for her first Masala Bhangra infomercial.Jain likens this dance workout to yoga in terms of the spirituality behind it. In fact, she’s found many yoga instructors are interested in teaching Masala Bhangra. “I always open [class] by touching the ground to pay homage to the space we’re about to practice in,” she says. After, she closes with “Namaste.”The goal: A great cardio workout that engages muscles throughout your body. Jain wants students to get lost in the dance and truly feel like they’re at an Indian wedding. “Totally let go of yourself and pretend like you’re falling in love,” she says. Hopefully you’ll feel accomplished afterwards, that you were able to completely get into the routine and enjoy the music. You don’t need any sort of experience to take this class—you just need to give it a chance, let go and have fun.The location: We tried it in NYC at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, but it’s offered in other gyms and studios globally. Visit the Masala Bhangra website to find a class near you.The price: Alvin Ailey’s Ailey Extension offers single classes for $17.50, or two for $28 for new students, no membership required. At other locations, prices will vary. If you can’t find a class close by, you can order a Masala Bhangra DVD to bring the Bollywood spirit into your home.