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Parents and Media Not to Blame for Anorexia, Doctor Says

Dr. O'Toole, author of "Give Food a Chance," argues that anorexia is a brain-based disorder, more like epilepsy than anxiety or OCD.

Best-Dressed Celebrities for Their Body Shape

True, most women we see hitting celebrity red carpets are so thin they practically disappear when they turn sideways to pose for the cameras. QUIZ: What's Your Body Shape? But, believe us, there are still plenty...

Eating Disorders Hit Moms and Grandmas Too

No longer a young woman's illness, eating disorders in older women pose significantly greater health risks-and the social stakes are high.

Naked People Seem More Emotional, Study Finds

A new study finds that naked men and women seem more emotional, less capable and more easily hurt than their clothed counterparts.

My, How We’ve Grown

How women have gotten physically larger in the past few decades. No wonder vintage clothing is so tiny!

Six Apps That Help You Lose Weight

These high-tech apps hold you accountable (no excuses!) and can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Does Pollution Cause Obesity and Diabetes?

Overeating and low activity levels are the main culprits of obesity, but environmental chemicals sure aren't helping.

Workout Clothes For Your Body Shape

December means that heaping servings of turkey, gravy and pie—lots and lots of pie—not to mention eggnog lattes, Christmas cookies and all the tempting canapés that come with cocktail party season are right smack...

Battling Mid-Life Weight Gain

You're not a teenager anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't rev up that metabolism and drop pounds.

Real Housewife Melissa Gorga’s Publicity Stunt Packed On The Pounds

With skinny celebrities pretending to be obese for ratings, perhaps the diet we really need to go on starts with cutting out the fat shaming from the media.