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Airbrushing in Ads: Yay or Nay?

The group "Off Our Chests" wants advertisers to come clean about digital retouching.

How to Talk to Your Doctor: Weight Issues

Even if you have a hint of concern about your weight, it's worth bringing up with your doc.

Real Bodies on TV Make Women Feel Worse, Study Finds

According to new research, TV shows that try to improve body image actually have the opposite effect.

Today’s Attention Economy: How to Stand Out in a Crowd

How to get your boss (or the cute guy you have a crush on) to stop and take notice.

Fight Winter Weight Gain

Try these easy tricks to prevent the pounds from piling on as the temperature drops.

Super Shocking Study: Men Like Breasts

Ok, no news there. But new research does show how the sizes stack up.

Are You Working Out Right?

The mistake that may be causing your butt to sag.

Weight Loss Myth: The Dreaded Plateau

It's easy to blame your body for stalling, but what if you are your own worst enemy?

Easy (Free!) Weight Loss Plan

Forget gimmicky, expensive fat-burning plans or complicated workouts. Here is your low-stress, simple plan for maximum fat loss with minimal time loss.

How to Stay Fit Over 40

Why time is key (even for celebrities).