Who needs to pay for expensive workout DVDs when there’s YouTube? Sure, they’re great to have when you’re interested in having a full program. But, when you’re just trying to get a quick workout in this is the perfect way to get it for free.

Pretty much any kind of workout you can imagine can be found there – yoga, Pilates, strength, cardio, dance – you name it. Here are a few YouTube channels with links to check out for a variety of workouts.

For the entire body

Tone It Up: Created by fitness gurus and BFFs, Katrina and Karena, this is a great channel to find workouts for the entire body. You can find workouts for flexibility, cardio, muscle and stamina. The ladies here have been featured in SELF, Women’s Health, Shape Magazine and Triathlete.

For better posture and leg flexibility 

Blogilates: This channel was created by Cassey Ho – certified Pilates and fitness instructor. For good posture and better flexibility, take a look at these videos on flexibility and posture. She’s got other great workouts too such as the 3-minute flat ab workout. and inner thighs workout.

For elongation, upper body strength and posture 

BeFit: If you’ve ever been interested in ballet, then you’ll want to check out this video – Ballet Beautiful: Strong & Sexy Swan Arms Workout with Mary Helen Bowers. She’s a fitness expert to the stars who has trained the likes of Liv Tyler and Zooey Deschanel. This 15 minute workout will sculpt and transform your arms while also increasing your upper body strength. The low impact moves will open your chest, strengthen your upper back and tighten your waist at the same time.

Brick Built Apparel: If you’re looking to beef up the booty, then check out Buffie the Body. She shows you exactly how to properly target the gluts while doing squats!

These should be enough of a variety to get you started. Are there any YouTube workouts that you swear by? Share with us!