Getting to the point of knowing you’re physically fit can be a long journey. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t making any progress in the gym, even if you work out consistently and fuel your body with healthy foods. It takes a while to get a rock-solid eight pack, but it’s essential not to get discouraged along the way. You might even be at your peak of fitness without even realizing it. So if you feel that might be the case, here are some signs that can help you realize just how good of shape you are in:

You have a lower heart rate

Tracking your heart rate throughout your fitness journey is a good indication of how fit you are. The better physical shape you’re in, the lower your heart rate is going to be. The lower your heart rate is, the more efficiently your heart pumps.

You’re flexible

You might not be able to do a backflip, but being able to touch your toes is a good indicator of your fitness. Being nimble and able to stretch comfortably after a workout is the ideal point to get to. Which is why it’s important to ALWAYS stretch after a workout!

You can keep up with your friends

If you can go on a run with all your friends and be able to keep up with them, then you’re probably in pretty good physical shape. If your friends are all in super good shape, it might take longer to keep up with them, but the feeling of finally being able to run the same pace as them is a feeling like none other.

You take the stairs

Taking the stairs and skipping the elevator is always a good idea. Stairs shouldn’t be intimidating- they should be encouraging. Being able to take the stairs to the 5th floor of your building without feeling like you’re completely out of breath is a point we should all want to get to.

You have a good recovery time

The faster your heart rate gets back to normal, the more fit you are. Reaching a point of having a good recovery time is ideal because it means you don’t feel completely wiped out after working out.

You do everyday tasks with ease

If doing things like lifting heavy boxes and taking the stairs is exhausting for you, it might be an indication that your physical health is lacking. The more fit you are, the easier these everyday tasks will be. You’ll find yourself waking up every morning full of energy and ready to take on the day.

You don’t sit down all day

Sitting down all day, every day is not ideal for your health- both mentally and physically. If you work a sedentary job that doesn’t require you to move much throughout the day, make sure you set out the time to get up and walk around. Being aware of how often you’re sitting versus walking is an excellent way to tell your physical shape.

You have more energy

Although the gym can be exhausting, no matter how fit you are, you should find yourself with more energy after consistently working out. Some people prefer to workout in the morning as it gives them energy for the day, while other people prefer to work out after the gym as it relieves stress. Either way, being in good physical shape should mean you have more energy overall.