Many of us can’t get to a gym right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose the habit of staying healthy. These four exercises are simple, require no equipment, and can easily keep you fit.

The Push-up

The push-up might be the best full-body exercise ever invented. It requires no equipment, and it’s an elegant move since the resistance is your own body weight. You need to keep a few simple things in mind while doing it:

Keep your back straight at all times. If you feel you’re sagging, stop and give yourself some time to recover before going back to complete your set with proper form.

Move your hands; if you place your hands wider, you’ll work more of your shoulders and back. If you narrow your hands, you’ll emphasize your chest and triceps. Try different sets with these different hand placements to get a well-rounded workout.

Pro-tip: if you have developed little arm strength, you can always do push-ups on your knees, instead of starting in a plank position.

The Plank

The plank is deceptive — it looks easy, then you try it and realize it’s definitely not.

Plank is like being in a push-up position, but putting your weight on your forearms and not your hands; then you simply hold that position. The plank is what’s called an isometric exercise — that means the muscles aren’t contracting, but you’re holding a static position. It’s also another full-body move; shoulders, arms, legs, and your core all get a workout.

Keep your back straight and your form intact. Don’t hold it to the point you fail; set a timer and try to get 30 seconds with proper form or a full minute. Then rest and repeat.


We all know squats are the way to that perfect summer Instagram-ready booty and good news — you don’t need a power rack and big weights to perform this simple but effective movement. If you’ve never done a squat, you can also use a chair to help with proper form. If you don’t have weights at home, just increase the repetitions you would typically do at the gym.

Waterfall Pose

You may be familiar with this move if you’ve done yoga before. Keep your legs as straight as possible — it helps to stretch your hamstrings and quads before trying it. You’ll feel this one in your glutes and core. Try to hold it for 30 seconds, just like the plank. If you feel you can go longer, rock on!