Sometimes our fitness routines can get a little stale and monotonous. It’s vital to your commitment and getting the results you want that working out stays an engaging and enjoyable activity, so what are you to do when workouts start feeling boring, or you’re not seeing the results? Don’t lose faith just yet. It might be time to spice up your workout by introducing a new fitness product into the mix.

There is certainly no shortage of options, but we’ve rounded up the best new fitness products that you can try this month.

RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller

You might’ve seen people using these at the gym and wondered what weird new-age exercise they’re into. Well, soon, you’ll be that weirdo rolling around on the floor because this textured muscle foam roller is designed to give you that addictive bittersweet burn.

Suspension Training Home Gym in a Box

This easy to set up kit is great for keeping up with your fitness while traveling or building up your home gym routine. They use your own body weight, so if you’re not comfortable lifting heavy weights, they’re a great option to get a good workout whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or just work on your flexibility.

Tone Fitness Kettlebell

If you’re serious about your workout, you have to have a kettlebell. Kettlebells have even featured in scientific research for their ability to burn more calories faster. They’re also great strength training tools. Go ahead, treat yourself to a fancy kettlebell.

Champion Women’s Freedom Seamless Sports Bra

Sometimes the best new fitness product you need is not actually a direct fitness tool at all, but an indirect fitness tool. Here, if you want to add a little enthusiasm back into your workouts, give yourself something to be enthusiastic about. This sports bra is highly rated by reviewers on Amazon, who are basically as devoted a fan base as BeyHive, but for a sports bra. Need we say more?

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

Don’t worry, yogis, we haven’t forgotten about you in our round of the best new fitness products. While yoga doesn’t need a ton of fitness gadgets and that’s part of what makes it such an enjoyable practice, there is one product that is basically the yoga version of a superhero’s trusted weapon — the yoga mat. If you’re dedicated to a yoga practice, this is one item whose quality you can’t justify skimping on.