There’s probably not a person on the planet who doesn’t want a nice tush. One that’s plump with a lot of perk to it. But unfortunately, not everyone has one – even those who work hard for it. The bum is one of those parts of the body that can be tricky to shape with normal methods. You’ll hear of people who squat daily and still can’t the butt to sit up how they’d like.

So, how can those who don’t have a natural perky bum make good with what they have without going under the knife?

Fitness model, Gina Florio shared with PopSugar how she stumbled up on an exercise that works wonders for the glutes.  She stumbled up on it after going through an exercise for relieving lower back pain. But soon, she noticed her booty getting juicier each month along with it.

There are tons of exercises out there that promise big results, but the one that seems to work the best are hip thrusts. Because it isolates the glutes much more than squats or lunges, it forces you to squeeze your butt at the top of the movement.

Doing just a few hip thrusts twice a week will totally transform your backside.

Here’s how you do the exercise:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs extended and rest your back against a stable bench
  • Place a rolled up towel on the bar for cushion.
  • Roll barbell over your thighs until the bar is above your hip joints.
  • Brace core. Drive your knees to the ground and squeeze your glutes. Then lift your hips up to a full extension making your hips even with your knees.
  • Lower your back down to the ground with control.
  • Do this 12 times in a row.

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