If you haven’t participated in real life in the last few years, K-pop stands for Korean pop. The genre has progressively been getting more and more attention.

What’s everyone so excited about? A different culture, colorful music videos, catchy tunes, and daring hairstyles suck people up into the world of K-pop. If you haven’t popped your K-pop cherry yet, we compiled a list of the best music videos to dance along to as your workout this week! Enjoy!

2NE1 – I am the best

This hit from 2011 launched the career of the viral girl group. The fierce outfits and catchy tunes will get your heart rate up quickly and give you an excellent overview of the world of K-pop.

Blackpink – Kill This Love

Striking visuals of the music video and gorgeous girls from the group will hypnotize you! The catchy lyrics and a great beat will have you singing the song in no time, which is a fantastic dance motivator.

Bigbang – Fantastic Baby

This song will make any long-time K-pop lover feel nostalgic. Fast beat and dance music tunes will force you to get up and dance, while you admire the colorful hairstyles the guys are rocking.

BTS – Boy with Luv

Boys from this group won hearts all over the world. Think of them as Korean One Direction. This song will get you to dance with them, while they will most definitely win you over with their flower boy look. You’ll get what all the hype is about in seconds.

Ateez – Say My Name

This hip-hop track shifts between melodic verses and powerful raps. The vocals are excellent and their dancing astonishing. Try to emulate some moves.

Monsta X – Shoot Out

You will be singing the very catchy chorus by the end of the song. The bombastic lead single of the group’s album ‘Take. 1 Are You There?’ plays with the visuals of dark and light while delivering a fast-paced hit to get your heart pumping.

Red Velvet – Peek-A-Boo

This track showcases the more mature and less bubbly personality of the girls. The song was a massive success for the group, and it’ll be a fantastic success in your workout routine!