Those pesky love handles are often the last thing to go when getting in shape. It could be many reasons for that, but one of the main reasons is because people don’t target them in their workouts correctly. And maybe you’re not a fitness buff, maybe you just want to do enough to achieve a slimmer waist line. Instead of going for side bends and sit-ups, try these workout moves when you’re ready to get rid of those love handles.

#1 – Sledgehammer Overhead Strikes: Just like the name suggests, you will want to get a sledgehammer for this. Think of this exercise like chopping wood. Raise it above your head and over your right shoulder. Next, bring it down toward the center. Afterwards do the other side.

#2 – Running Planks: You already know what planks are. Now you will perform them facedown on a mat with your feet together – as usual. Next, lift your hips off the ground and support your body weight on your forearms and toes holding a tight core.

#3 – Deadlift: With deadlifts, you will stand with the bar above the center of your feet. Next, grab the bar overhand and bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar.

#4 –  Hanging Leg Raises: Here’s how to do hanging leg raises. Simply grab the bar and just hang. Next, flex your abs and lats, then slowly raise your feet up to the bar. Remember to keep your legs straight.

#5 – Battle Rope Waves: To achieve this exercise, stand with your feet hip-distance a part, your knees and hips bent and core locked in. You will then grip the ends of the rope in both hands, and let your arms straight down the center of your torso. After you lower your self into a half squat, you will spring your body upward, but return to immediately to start to do the movement again.

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