Are you lacking in motivation or struggling to get into a regular gym routine? This can be completely normal, but also super frustrating. Here are some top self-motivation tips to help encourage you to make your morning workout or evening exercise class.

Prep As Much As Possible 

One of the main steps to success in life is ensuring you’re as prepared as possible. Whether it’s for an interview or a productive workout if you ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ Aim to have your gym bag packed and ready by the door the day/night before your workout is planned, and also ensure your water bottle and any snacks or meals are also prepared for you to just grab before you leave the house. This prevents you from procrastinating and wasting any time and also means you have no excuses not to attend.

Sleep in Your Gym Kit 

Another great tip, especially if you’re aiming to be an early bird and squeeze a workout in before work, is to sleep in your gym kit. That way, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you simply need to jump out of bed, brush your teeth and go! You are far less likely to snooze your alarm or skip the gym and get changed out of your workout gear into your work clothes as you’re already halfway there!

Think Ahead

No matter how much you love or hate exercise, sometimes the thought of it just isn’t appealing. You may find the idea of a jam-packed gym off-putting, or you may just feel too tired or sluggish to attend. Try to visualize the feeling you get when you leave the gym and associate this with the thought of your future workouts instead of the dread. If you know you leave the gym with a clear mind, enjoying the release of endorphins and feeling full of energy, then focus on that feeling instead, and look forward to achieving that when you walk out of your workout.